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Talent Works strives to provide, with its strategic partners and affiliates, the necessary ecosystem elements for successfully managing digitization roadmaps for domestic businesses. With focus on transforming traditional businesses to converging electronic Business era, covering products and services offerings, through innovation and accelerated business model, with agile value chain. Our mission is to provide GCC businesses, enabling strategies, business and technical tools and platforms, to reposition their businesses empowering, protecting, and making them pioneers in the digitized (online) business. Our mission also extends to bosting our National economy striving to contribute to our National GDP growth, jobs creations for locals, and national economic advancement.



  • CMS
    By using content management systems for our custom websites, Talent Works' web development team creates attractive websites that act as the cornerstone of your online presence.
    Create Powerful Mobile Apps & Highly Customized Technology Solution For Your Business. Experience the Best iOS & Android App Developers.
    Web Applications have evolved to a point where they provide levels of interactivity and usability that rival native applications. We leverage these latest technological advances with thoughtful design and serious engineering to build tailored solutions for any industry.
    It's time to find a great CRM tool for your team. Whether that means you need a CRM for your small business, startup, nonprofit or large enterprise, or one for your role in sales, business development or public relations, we have the right solution for you.
    Start selling online and supercharge your revenue with an ecommerce site. Get started now. We craft award winning applications that connect you with your customers
    Ensuring business continuity with enterprise LOB application development, LOB applications form the backbone of business enterprises and are responsible for the vital internal and external deliverables
    Cloud development typically includes integrated development environments, application lifecycle management components (such as test and quality management, source code and configuration management, continuous delivery tools), and application security testing components.
    Our professional developers adopt the standard operating procedures for code review and development, integration, configuration, and customization of apps


Talent Works provides its services as part of a network of professional entities, experts in business acceleration, business model innovation/development, technology realization, marketing, and finance and management. Our core competency comes from the talents we have in our expanding group that makes our business model adaptive and rapidly tailored to future growth and expansion of services, backed with strong partnership with world class leaders and talented partners. We envision, plan and manage things, but not necessary we do it all, we believe on partnership and complementation of talents and resources.
Our Headquarter is in Bahrain, with the first branch opened in United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi, and the second branch opened in Oman in Muscat,we will span shortly across all GCC countries, with strategic relationship with global players.




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